Monday, November 2, 2009

Keeping with this being constant.

I had the same issue as fellow creator Skottie Young has been describing on his blog - being quite busy we don't have the drive to constantly update our blogs with the indepth stuffs that we'd like to describe our work with. A quick blurb about a cover I did here. A few sentences about this page or that. Whatever right?

So here's my remedy. I keep my facebook feed constantly updated so whenever I feed into that it'll go here as long as it's an image with a description. Whenever I have a major project come out I'll do a few posts oriented around it so I can be a little more in depth. So that's what I'm doing in regards to this blog.

My schedule for the next few months is going to be quite hectic so I will be breaking it down for you here:

I have a gallery show at Luxe De Vil running the month of December. I'm doing 4 pieces for them and it revolves around "Alice in Winter Wonderland" as the theme.

I have one last page that I need to uplaod for the Zoroaster series. I'm sure Richard wants to kill me by now cause of that!

December will be the point where I start pencilling the series I've written this past year called "Tokens Only." I am also hoping to start work on "Squared Circle" that same month. I believe I'll be working with Mike Hance on his publishing venture sometime in the next 2 - 3 months as well.

During the month of January I'll be taking a little time off. I'm trying to go see my brother in Texas for a bit. Or I'll just hang around here and do whatever. Out usual downtown tomfoolery.

February sees me in another show at Luxe De Vil which will be centered around a "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" theme. I may go politically motivated on that one - not sp sure yet.

March I will be heading to Seattle for the first time to attend and exhibit at Emerald City Con. Matt, Gerhard, Rod and I are getting some artist's alley booths! Ann & Austin may come along.

Nothing for April - yet. I am hoping it'll be an all comic book drawing month.

May will see a sequel to our October show Til Death. And as far as I know we'll be at San Diego again this year doing our thing at the Squidworks booth. I got a great reaction from Oni Press last year and have been in contact since. They're great folks there.

So that's a look at things to come, God willing. I'm super stoked and hopefully you are too! If you're at either of those shows this year make sure you stop by!

Anyways so I need to do some of that work I was on about.

Much love!

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