Monday, November 2, 2009

The Anatomy of My New Piece

So coming off my "Til Death" show I was invited to a couple of other shows. I have one in December themed off of Alice in Winter Wonderland. This is my first piece for that show - Alice looking for her white rabbit.

Pencils up first. I got my reference on Sunday for this. I got to use my friend Ann as my model - one of the most fantastic friends I've ever had. You'll get to see a little more of her influence in further pieces.

Inks are up next. I use a Windsor Newton Sable series #3 brush & Windsor Newton waterproof black ink. This is my favorite part and goes by waaay too quick!

Starting the coloring process. Since I'm using traditional media I've gone with my personal favorite - the Copic Marker. I have tons of blues and grays so I decided to play up the winter theme through those colors.

And I'm done! I kept Alice's hair blonde as the only warm color in the piece so the eye would be drawn in. Hopefully it comes across well! Let me know what you think! I'll have a scan up of the piece very soon here!


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