Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well It's About Bloody Time, Eh?


So let's just launch right into this post. The first five pages are from the Oni Press talent search. I did the story entitled "Medicine Show" by Frank Beaton. I got to meet with him after my interview with James Lucas Jones, and I'm pretty happy to report both guys were super cool, and I think things went pretty well. I tried to soak up as much info as I could with James, and I enjoyed that a lot. Everyone at Oni was very welcoming and it kinda sorta rocks my socks to be treated so nicely. Being that I'm mostly from an illustration background coming into comics didn't phase anyone and it was a nice time! Anyways - I'll let the art speak for itself here.

Alright kids. So the second batch of images are a Spider-Man/Ambush Bug story I decided to pencil out after Ron Perazza recommended I just submit what I do best. Personally I like to say I do it all - but honestly I just draw pencils the best. So here's that's the love with them!

As always you can click on them to make them nice and big if you wear glasses or want that sweet sweet detail.

And in other news I'm FINALLY posting from my computer. The fact that it was a simply ridiculous connection issue with my scanner has made me want to smash brains. But I kinda always wanna smash brains - so what else is new right?


So I'm back from San Diego Comic Con 2009 and I had a pretty rad time. Everyone I met with there was super fresh, and thank you thank you a hundred times over if you're reading this and took your time with me! For some reason I feel like this con was a billion times more productive than any other one I've been to. People really genuinely liked what I've been up to, I scored some good job ops and saw old friends I haven't seen all year. I call that a successful con, wouldn't you?

So with that in mind - I'm going to get back to working, and again, if you came by or if I got to talk to you in person while wandering the Con - thank you. It's nice to be back home, but I had a great time networking and meeting everyone there!


p.s. Remember you can always find more stuff at my deviant site in the links on the side. You can also follow me on Twitter at if you wish to inquire about commissions / jobs or just want to shoot the breeze. I'm more than happy to take some time with ya!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Waiting for the plane

And here I sit by myself waiting for my flight back to Denver. I had a great time at The San Diego Comic Con. I have a metric ton of work to get done when I get home. I'll be finishing and finally posting my pages for Zoroaster in the next week or so, then I start work on Squared Circle. During that time I have my contributions to the Squidworks "Cheesecake" book and and bunch of other one offs that I'm excited about.

Buuuuut unfortunately we're being evacuated from the San Diego airport so I cannot blather on about upcoming stuffs for a bit. Yeah.... Just get me out of this airport already! Ok more art coming up soon. Oh! Someone wanted a commission of the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 - I don't think I have your card from the Con, so get at me and we'll do it. Sorry somehow it got lost in the shuffle. Anycrap - peace


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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I coulda sworn I posted this but oh well. I'll be posting from my iPhone until I can get the comp back in sweet working order. So until then (in a few days) life will be iPhone tastic!

But here's my view at Tara McPherson's booth of awesome! Nice lady and a half!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

These are the pages I'll have with me while I'm here in San Diego for Comic Con!

Those were for the Oni Press submission.

And these are some subs I'll be handing out at the con!

Wish me luck!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sketchy Goblin

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During lunch I decided to sketch out a sweet Goblin. Sort of an old school Bakshi/Bluth looking thing. He kinda looks like he needs to take a dump though.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I draw comics

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So it's been awhile so I figured I'd post. The above images are from a comic submission I'm working on for Oni Press. So unfortunately due to that and one other totally awesome projects I have not done a ton of illustration. But he'll - it's COMICS!!!!

I also have pics from my Zoroaster stint but I'd rather toss those up all at once. So for now enjoy these and let me know what you think!