Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Instagram O Rama vol. 1

So anyone who follows me on the twitter (@zakkinsella oh you didn't know?!) knows I love that Instagram! If you're a user it's pretty easy to find me - my handle is ZakKinsella. Incredible I know. Right, so here's a bunch of Instagram pics of works in progress and stuff I never post on the site here. It'll be fun like that. I've grown a bit of a following from the Suicide Girls on there so you may see a few familiar faces if you're familiar with the site. I also did a gang of Royal Rumble sketches this past weekend... So enjoy and like I said feel free to look me up if you use Instagram!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dawned on Me

Wilco - Dawned on Me my buddies and I saw Wilco last week & we proceeded to get into a crazy adventure afterwards. That's beyond the point - their new video is done in the old Max Fliescher studios Popeye cartoons. SO AWESOME! That style is one of my huge influences - don't ever get me talking about Fliescher Studios' Superman cartoons... oh manzies!

So I've updated a few things on here. I'm in the middle of designing an actual portfolio site (God help me, please!) but for now I like having a blogfolio. ANYCRAP... a couple of different things:

To your right you'll see a new portfolio button. She's part of a series I haven't had the time to color yet - but they'll be part of my cheeky little flip book I plan on printing this year. Here's the bigger version:

And this is an updated cover for In The Land Of Lunatics. I recolored it from the ground up and I can't wait to see it printed. It's done! I so can't wait to have this published! It's gonna be a really fun book - Shane is writing up some great ideas and I get to go nuts with creating a whole post apocalyptic world on my own. YEAH! 

Anyways, I hope the world is treating y'all well!
Much love.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Last Zombie

Yacht - Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time knows I draw a kick ass zombie. Anyone who has been around me also knows that I've gotten amazingly bored with it as the entirety of pop culture won't shut the hell up about them. So this year I decided to forego my typical seasonal undead commissions... except for one. It was for an old friend who wanted her son to be zombiefied and well, I can't resist the kind of fun of goring up a 10 year old! So here ya go - I liked how it came out in black & white too so I posted that as well.

Itchy. Tasty.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today's the day to say "Hands off our Internet" to the entertainment industry!

Since I'm no HTML master I'm just gonna lay it out for ya through some links and put out my honest feelings on SOPA and PIPA for the blackout today.

A guy whom I admire greatly, Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal did it up and it's a great example.

Wikipedia among many other sites are down today in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills. They're broad bills which in the long run will have the opposite effect what what they're trying to accomplish. When companies like Google, Mozilla, The Huffington Post, and Wikipedia stand up against these bills I tend to listen. I listen even more when none of it is uttered on Fox News, CNN or a lot of other major media outlets.

With that in mind this will irrevocably change our internet, and it's exactly what our Congress rails against when a country like China or Egypt put out legislation like this. But it's bought Congress running this legislation through via companies like the MPAA and RIAA using lobbies to push this through so they can have the control. And when it's lobbied hard you know Congress LOVES to roll over. And that's just wrong in my eyes. I don't advocate piracy, but this is a huge over reaction from these companies. Companies that tried to sue for the first VCR and MP3 players. Companies that pull down YouTube videos of a child playing because there was a song playing in the background on the tv. And you want these people in control of EVERYTHING posted on the Internet? Really? This is madness, and I'm about to show you exactly why.

I have an excellent link that will break it down for you here; more eloquently than I can:

The Problem with SOPA

And here's a quick look at how this will effect the comics community:
Comics Alliance - The Danger of SOPA to Comic Books and You.

And finally just an interesting read From Whil Wheaton's blog:
   The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has looked at tomorrow’s “Internet blackout” in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)—and it sees only a “gimmick,” a “stunt,” “hyperbole,” “a dangerous and troubling development,” an “irresponsible response,” and an “abuse of power.”
“Wikipedia, reddit, and others are going dark to protest the legislation, while sites like Scribd and Google will also protest. In response, MPAA chief Chris Dodd wheeled out the big guns and started firing the rhetoric machine-gun style. 
“Only days after the White House and chief sponsors of the legislation responded to the major concern expressed by opponents and then called for all parties to work cooperatively together, some technology business interests are resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns, rather than coming to the table to find solutions to a problem that all now seem to agree is very real and damaging.”
To which Wheaton replies: 
Can I interrupt for a moment? Thanks. When you complain that opponents didn’t “come to the table to find solutions”, do you mean that we didn’t give NINETY-FOUR MILLION DOLLARS to congress like the MPAA? Or do you mean that we didn’t come to the one hearing that Lamar Smith held, where opponents of SOPA were refused an opportunity to comment? Help me out, here, Chris Dodd, because I’m really trying hard to understand you.

That's the gist of their corruption. 94 Million dollars from just the MPAA to push this through and bar opponents speaking during the ONLY hearing. That's not democracy, that's blatant thug tactics. That's China and North Korea. You can read more on his blog and I think it's an excellent call out of these over reaching thugs posing as corporations, lobbies and government. 

So in conclusion here's some great links that I think will help inform and help you to get in contact with Congress to show your disapproval of this bill. 

So after all that? Get involved!
Take Action Checklist to Stop Censorship

Yeah, I'm vehemently against this bill. As an artist and an American this is another step to trashing my civil liberties. I'm sorry if you don't see this for the corporate grab that this is, so feel free to disagree, but I don't feel right about this and I'm saying so. This isn't an end to piracy, this just the entertainment industry forcing their hand and I won't have it. 

Thank you for your time, and understanding! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Way Busy

The Black Keys - Run Right Back - I can't stop playing this album! SO FRESH!

I'm going to be ridiculously busy in the coming months. I am working on three different books in addition to my freelance work. Like right now I'm working on 60 t-shirt designs for a California shirt company... I'll sleep in August, maybe.

I also made an actual resolution of sorts this year... I'm going to Paris come hell or high water. It's been way too long since I've been out of the country & it was either that or Tokyo. So hopefully by this time next year I'll have a sketchbook full of beautiful women I've drawn at a bunch of different cafes. Romantic and crap!

Anyways, I can't post those yet so here's the banner I did for my timeline banner thing on FB. I had just seen The Adventures of Tin Tin and man I LOVE Herge's work. So I wanted to go back to doing stuff with those heavy blacks again.

I also did another one of me being lazy and NEVER defending the castle from a dragon but I didn't like the background as much. Plus I finally trimmed up so I don't look like a Medieval ruffian anymore. Just a modern day ruffian.

Yeah, I enjoyed drawing weird crap for my FB profile. It's a nice break from everything else on my plate... which you'll be hearing more about quite soon!

I hope everyone had a great New Years and Christmas. I was drunk off cake. So much cake....

Much love!