Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dawned on Me

Wilco - Dawned on Me my buddies and I saw Wilco last week & we proceeded to get into a crazy adventure afterwards. That's beyond the point - their new video is done in the old Max Fliescher studios Popeye cartoons. SO AWESOME! That style is one of my huge influences - don't ever get me talking about Fliescher Studios' Superman cartoons... oh manzies!

So I've updated a few things on here. I'm in the middle of designing an actual portfolio site (God help me, please!) but for now I like having a blogfolio. ANYCRAP... a couple of different things:

To your right you'll see a new portfolio button. She's part of a series I haven't had the time to color yet - but they'll be part of my cheeky little flip book I plan on printing this year. Here's the bigger version:

And this is an updated cover for In The Land Of Lunatics. I recolored it from the ground up and I can't wait to see it printed. It's done! I so can't wait to have this published! It's gonna be a really fun book - Shane is writing up some great ideas and I get to go nuts with creating a whole post apocalyptic world on my own. YEAH! 

Anyways, I hope the world is treating y'all well!
Much love.

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