Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Business of Business Cards

So a few days back I submitted my designs for my new business cards. Here's the back design without any logo work. I'll post scans of the finished product when I get them in here.

As always clicking on the pic will take you to the full sized version.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sketchblog Monday

So in light of getting absolutely nothing done tonight, I decided to do some sketches that would fill my need to post something online. I might even start it up as an often thing for Mondays. Who knows! Anyhoo - off to the goods:

First one is a one off of me as a scientist I was going to use for the header - but I'm not feeling my inking job is up to par. Ah well!

I usually watch Monday Night RAW as I draw... so occasionally you're gonna see a wrestler on here!

I really do love the game Mirror's Edge - so Faith here is having some fun on the run.

And finally this will be the image I'm using on the back of my business cards. I think it'll look badass once it's all finished.

And that's all I have for tonight! Peace!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emo Alien Kid

Something I've wanted to do for awhile is continue my aliens project. I'd like to do a book of 50 or so different aliens. I started off with the Hipster - and I'm continuing with the emo kid. I opted for a simple gloomy gradient because all the pattern work I tried on this background felt like too much. I also think the gloominess sets apart from the vibrant colors a lot of these kids wear. Sort of a commentary on the clothes not portraying the douche attitude that most of them come packaged with. But I know some cool ones too - so if you're an emo kid, don't get all emo on me. :P

As always, clicking on it will take you to the bigger picture.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First post - First Digs

Hi peeps, so this is my blog - mainly about illustrations that I do. I'm in the process of making a webcomic so that will be debuting as an update here every so often. Mostly on a different site though. Anyhoo... onto the show.

SO, here's the first illo I'll post on here - it was done for the band Metric. I happen to be a huge fan of theirs and was more than happy to rock something out for them! Hope you enjoy it!