Monday, May 2, 2011

When I live in the newer places I'll make sure I'm further from you.

As always, starting off with a song lyric for the title. Toro Y Moi - Minors I got to see them at the end of last year. Awesome band... fitting mood music for how I'm feeling these days. Give'em a listen.

So I don't often post sketches... I dunno, my sketchbook is kind of my own personal idiot mess. And no, it's not full of naked women and creepy things... Just a place for ten ideas that I like and a hundred thousand more that I don't. Plus I go there when I'm mad or sad and no one wants to see sad bastard art. Cause really, there's enough of that bullshit in galleries out there.

Anyways, personal sketchbook rant aside, when I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco I had a little change in heart about my sketchbook material being public. To me it's super cool to see people who I consider my betters to be throwing their unstructured work out there. The original sketches for Mickey Mouse and the Snow White movie are amazing to see up close. So maybe I can update this more, and when I don't feel like they suck - post some sketches. I said earlier this year that any good artist is full of self loathing, and my sketchbook is a lot of that. But what the hell, people have asked me before so here ya go. I didn't doctor or clean anything up so this is just raw crap from the book.

I've been watching the new Avenger cartoon, and I gotta say it's pretty cool. I may come back to this idea later, but you get the idea. It's the Bruce Banner / Hulk thing. I really like Edward Norton Banner so that's what he looks like. And hopefully not Hulk giving him an awkward poke... I really don't do a lot of superhero stuff because I've lost a lot of love for that genre. I just want to be able to do my own stories, but this show is great & it's brought back a little bit of that love. Plus the style is akin to my own so that's quite nice indeed. 

The next couple of sketches are redesigns of my Tokens Only characters. Still sorta messing around with his hair. 
I was trying something new with the main character while still trying to keep the John Cusack look to him. He kinda looks too smug for the style I've laid out for the character. But I kinda do like the hair. Mmmmmmm 80s Mullet. 
I'm definitely finishing this one up! I LOVE Akira... and I've always wanted to do an Akira piece. If you've never seen the movie or read the books you're an idiot. Just kidding, I love you, but do see the movie. It's, well, weird but still awesome. Our buddy Tetsuo here is one of the main characters. Not sure if I like how his big robo arm blob is coming along tho. 

The next couple of images are all Star Wars : The Clone Wars style. I'm a little obsessed with the show and I put my portfolio in with LucasArts recently cause I would kill to work on this show. 
LUKE. He looks a little like the Anakin from the Clone Wars... but I think they should totally do a post JEDI series about the continuing adventures of Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia. Because honestly Clone Wars is pretty damn good...  way better than the prequel movies IMO. His proportions are a little wonky... I was focusing more on the style. 
Another Luke Skywalker. I wanted to make him more individual and well I fell on my fat face doing it. He looks a little too femme here. But I like his pissed off Return of the Jedi look the best. 

And if I get my way there will be a Sam Elliot : Western Jedi. Yes that is the Great State of Texas on his Lightsaber, why do you ask? Tell me this wouldn't be badass!? "Draw yer saber, ya sumbitch!"

And now we get to my favorite part of what I need to work on. Women. I am pretty particular about the women I draw. I don't like fan service (dem big ol' titays) because honestly there's enough horned up dudes drawing crazy huge boobs for other horned up dudes. And I guess I'm just numb to it really. Gerhard and I were talking about this tonight... I just think -personally- women are more attractive how I manage to see them day to day, and I tend to take notice of more subtle things. I know that sounds arrogant as hell, but I'm alright with it. So with that in mind here are some of the lady sketches I've actually liked lately. 
I will admit I like the hair in the face thing a lot. The uneven look is not only fun to draw but literally makes my willpower go to 0% ... I've also been working more with the eyes... I'll admit it, eyes are what grab me. 
I was more so messing around with the hands on this one. She kinda has that Mary Jane from the Spider-Man books thing down. Lips when people smile drive me a little nuts. I dunno why... but for some reason I like to save that for special occasions. 
I caught this girl in a quick sketch at a cafe last week eyeing some dude. I like catching moments like that. And PROTIP: when you're out and about drawing people a) have another sketch ready to cover it up b/c some people do NOT like being drawn haha and b) because of that you get usually just one glance to get the sketch down. It's a fun challenge and keeps your work loose. 

And this is a sketch of a lifetime of one of my Tokens characters. I need to start drawing different noses too... I'm getting a little too similar in this sketchbook... anyhoo... I hate two out of the five sketches here.  But for weird little reasons. I hate her chin in the last one, and the second one has a way too typical 'hawk for a punker gal. I wanna make her a little more original. But I think I got the early 30s female look alright in the last one. 

So there's some sketches for you. I really can't believe you read all of it, so if you did I owe you a dum dum lollipop. Man, I love the mystery ones! 

Anyway, I need to go do that sleep thing. Hope you're all well!
God keep ya.

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