Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Wonder If She Fancies Me, Yeah.

At The Indie Disco! That's my song lyric/ blog title of the night for ya... nothing wrong with a little brit pop from one of my favorites; The Divine Comedy. Always love Neil's songs, oh yes.

No City Page 9 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

So there's that! It's a page from NO CITY that I was hired on to draw late last year. I got the ok to post one page since, ya know, it's yet to be published. I believe the book will be published by October of this year. Radical! There's no colors to this even though I did color it. I honestly hate putting out anything older than, well, a few minutes really but I wanted to put up some actual comic work. Man I love comics!

Um, so in other news I have decided to hook up with Hire an Illustrator! to help promote my work. And it's  been working pretty well so far! I don't think I have to tell a lot of you that self promotion on top of doing the work and a full time job is a relentless onslaught. I've been working myself to the bone so I decided to finally get a helping hand. So hopefully this will lead to more time drawing and drinking beer on patios. More so the latter if I have my way! Oh beer, I do love you. Uh... yeah so you can see My Page and if you'd be so kind as to click like I'd love you forever.

God keep ya

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  1. I may have already said this to you, but you did an amazing job on the robot butler.

    Also, October? Awesome.