Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We're Gonna Burn This City!

I thought a little Franz Ferdinand was only appropriate for this post. I come to you this week with a four page short story I did for my boy Dave Hendrick for an anthology comic he'll have printed up for your lovely consumption at Heroes Con weekend after this one! I was really super stoked and flattered that he asked me to put my work in on one of his stories. And I'm especially excited that it involved carnage in the form of SPACE BUGS! Man, I love drawing two things... shit from space and robots from the future.

Also The Macho Man Randy Savage (R.I.P. Macho!)

SO without any more rambling here are my four pages. Get ready for carnage! Glorious glorious carnage!!

The Look PG 1 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

1st page... The only page I took a more subtle tone to. I wanted it to stand a part from the other three.

The Look PG 2 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

The Look PG 3 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

The Look PG 4 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

Mmmmm... love those blood splatters! I found some pretty amazing zipatone splatter brushes and I was pretty stoked for that. I think using that with my toned down colors really made the reds pop! And therefore making the carnage oh so much more awesome! What can I say? I love the gore... I like that a lot of people don't expect it when they see a style like mine and I find that super awesome. When Dave first saw the alien taking out one guy's jaw he said "WOW! You weren't kidding when you said you were going all out with the gore!" hahaha nope! Rock n' roll baby!!

What can I say? This was a lot of fun & I really hope to do more in the future. But for now I'm finally going to be able to focus on my webcomic, Tokens Only. You'll be seeing a lot more of that in the next couple of months!

Hope all is well & God Bless!

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