Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comicfest's Aftermath!

I just wanted to thank everyone that stopped by and said hello during Comicfest this year! It was a lot of fun and another great opportunity to hang out with my fellow cartoonists. It was really inspiring as well - a mad motivator to get the ball rolling on this webcomic I've been writing for the past few months. So after this next gallery show at Luxe De Vil I will be shirking off all other requests and commissions to work on my comic, Tokens Only. I've been really successful with my freelance career in illustration and fine art in galleries, but it's time to get back to rockin' the comics scene!

Again, just a great time meeting new people and hanging out with good friends. Thanks again to everyone who came out and got some commissions from me!!

Here's a few sketches:

That final one is a sketch of Utako the Knife Thrower from a previous print series. The guy liked that one so much that he wanted a sketch! Awesome!

Well, that's that! Thanks again and God Bless!


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