Saturday, May 29, 2010

Painting a pin.

My latest (and probably last for right now) gallery project was to paint a bowling pin for Luxe DeVil's show on first Friday of June. It's a Pins for Pups silent auction and will take place Friday June 4th at 3pm. You can find all the info at

Anyways - here's a stream of images as I prepared & painted the pin.

How it started out - scratched and scuffed all to hell!

Freshly sanded down and primed for painting.

I had a different idea in the first place but the execution wasn't quite working out for me.

And so this is the final concept. I think she came out quite well!

And another shot of her. I'm not quite sure whether or not to finish the top of the pin. I kinda like it like this.

So anyhoo if you're local come on down to Luxe DeVil and see the rest of the pins. I'm sure there'll be some other dope designs as well!

Thanks & God Bless

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