Monday, November 1, 2010

I've been ignoring you!

Oh my poor little blog... I've been ignoring you. Mostly because I've been blogging away over on My Deviant Art Account and rattling on with other artists a lot on there post NYC.

I'll give a run down of our days at the New York City Comic Con here real quick:

Thursday Night: Met up with Sean Murphy and partied at his place with his wonderful girlfriend Colleen. We also got to meet his buddy Rob Paolucci and he's one hell of a guy! So all five of us went out to a diner, had a few beers then went 8 stories up to sit on Sean's roof. You could look right out and see The Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan. I wish I had my camera! haha.

Friday: Day one of the Con, coincidentally included the launch of my Web Comic - Tokens Only! I've had some pretty favorable reactions and we had a generally awesome time. Nick and I went out with some of the Eclectic Micks and ended up at another super fresh bar where we met a lot of cool people from Marvel. Great night - stumbled into Times Square around 330 am and had cart food. Then got a cab back to Brooklyn. FINALLY met Richard Carbonneau - and you couldn't find a better writer out there! I was super stoked to see him that night as well!

Saturday: I handed out a metric crap ton of cards and promo stuff for this site and Tokens Only. Hopefully people will be rockin' on that! Actually my Google Analytics says they have so hurrah! Anyways, it was a long day full of sketches and commissions. I talked to a lot of other colorists and swapped tips with them. All around an excellent day. Zach, Nick and I then kinda roamed around NYC - had some great Chinese food and then we ended up spending a few hours in Times Square just cause we were doing the tourist thing. That was cool. Met up with Sean and Rob and went back to Brooklyn afterwards.

Sunday: More of the same at the con. Had a great chat with Tom Fiester and we talked for a long time about my work and what I'm doing right & wrong. Working professionally and still learning - always learning! Heads up on that... keep your mind open. Sunday night? Exhausted from the con we had dinner and just hung out in Brooklyn again most of the night. Great time.

Monday, Nick, Sean and I went to Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. That was great - and we had a good time for most of the afternoon. After that I dropped Nick off at LaGuardia airport & I decided to head into Manhattan by myself. I went to the top of Rockefeller Center and had an amazing look around the city. I also met a wonderful young German woman named Caroline. So hey, Caroline if you're reading this it was a great night! Hope you're well :) So I wandered around the city for awhile after that, got rained on, spent some time at Midtown Comics and then headed back to Queens. Flew back to Denver Tuesday morning.

And here we are. Tokens Only has updated twice since then and here's two of those pieces:

Tokens Only Page 2 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

and #3

Tokens Only Page 3 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

The story is progressing quite well. Anyways - hopefully soon you'll be seeing more of my illustration and even more comics work. Hopefully I won't be leaving this site too unguarded! Haha - what I'll be doing is posting more DA blogs on here and so on.

Anyways, thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!
God Bless


  1. Good to have met ya Zak- and yes, you totally rock the beard.

  2. haha well said Len! Great to meet you as well!