Saturday, June 2, 2012

I got no heart 'cause a she-devil stole it.

So the time has finally come - announcement of pure amazing!

For the past year my best friend Nick and I have been plotting and working on our own creator owned book called Midspace! Being two nerds that love our space and dirty jokes rife with satire we just weren't finding anything on the stands that really spoke to that. Man there's SO MUCH that takes itself just way too seriously in the comics industry. And if I can just quote Jack Nicholson's Joker on that : "This town needs an enema!" Of course it all comes back to poop jokes... so we decided; ya know what? Screw it. We can do this just as well if not better than anyone else out there! And here we are!

Issue #1 hits on the first day of the Denver Comic Con on June 15th and we'll have plenty of books there and for sale at Bartertown Comics here in town. You can also email about copies and we'll get one shipped out to ya. Signed with a sketch of whatever Midspace character you want. Most everyone is on the cover...

Speaking of! Here's the cover for issue 1!

Sweet balls, huh?! Here's an interior page as well to get your brain going:

I did it all in black and white - the gray tones are all inkwash. No digital crap here kids. I wanted to do a space epic that had the feel of Bernet's Torpedo and McCloud's Infinite Kung Fu. Something a little more nuanced than your typical comics. Don't get me wrong, I love color and we'll definitely go all Ted Turner on this book someday with the color but for now I'm really happy to be working in black, white and ink wash. It's all about the texture for me. 

Anyhoo... so a couple of links will give you more of the skinny here!
Here is my page for the Denver Comic Con: Zak Kinsella I'll be in artist's alley all three days at table #123! We're right on a corner next to all the celebrity signings so maybe that'll mean I can score a date with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead. Hubba hubba! Haha anyways come by and say hi. I'll be doing sketches, selling books and probably making sarcastic comments that will piss off plenty of people. 

Midspace has a page! So please click on it to become a fan! We'll be doing some contests for original art coming soon so keep an eye out there!

And FIIIIINALLY we're going to be having a HUGE release party at Unit E downtown with Nick's band Glass HomesThe A.M. Pleasure Assassins, AND one of my favorite artists (Mike Allred) has his band The Gear playing too! That's at 9:00 p.m. Saturday June 16th at Unit E downtown so be there! We'll have copies of Midspace, art up on the walls to dig out and food / drinks to get blitzed with! 

And now that I've written this damn blog I'm going to go brain out to some Grand Theft Auto 4 because I haven't played X-Box in like 5 months. 


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