Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Until We Met.

YACHT - I Walked Alone Yeah we saw YACHT last weekend at the Larimer Lounge. Great show - lots of goofballs there! Loved every minute of it!

Anycrap - coupla things, if you will. Hard at work on these books and freelance so I have like zero time right now. Glarg.

Overcasters shirt - came out great! Band was happy with it so I was jazzed! Go see'em live if you live in Denver. They rock!

Overcasters Shirt by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

This is the playground I designed for a show in L.A. I should have a much better picture of this soon - it's HUGE... way too big for a scanner.

Squidground by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

And finally here's a page from our book which hits in June: Midspace.

Midspace Pg. 2 by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

And hey! A color panel!

Busy bee. More crap to post soon!

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