Sunday, January 30, 2011

And There You Are.

I haven't been using my personal site a whole lot because honestly I've been too busy to really get anything up and out there. Most everything I've been working on I can't show off just yet - but everything I'm doing will actually be published by year's end so there's that.

But I can keep you up to date on the things going on in the next few months: Tokens Only will be relaunching as I've decided to dedicate most of my year to that. I'll also be working on some short stories with my friend Dave Hendrick. I've also been talking with a local printer to start making my own designs into tshirts. So yeah, I've been busy and I'll stay busy it looks like.

As for things to show off, I don't have much but there are two Zombie commissions I was able to do during the holidays that I never posted up. There of two coworkers, Valerie and Courtney. Both of which I've owed a zombie shot for some time now.

So I do hope you enjoy!

Val by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

Courtney by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

I also don't think I ever posted this, but here's my bowling pin I created for the Luxe DeVil art show this past summer.

Bowwwwwwling Pin by ~spicypeanut on deviantART

As always if you want to know more about the pieces you can head over to where I rant about whatever artistic process I go through. And in all honesty I do hope to start using this site more often. I am planning to start using it expressly as a sketch diary. So I can at least rant creatively and not look like one of those people who uses their social sites way too much.

Also I wanted to mention that a friend passed away this week. Clement Sauvé at the age of 33 lost his life to cancer. He was a brilliant artist, a funny guy and most importantly he was a good friend. For the short part that I knew him he was always kind and we had a very good rapport. I'm honestly saddened beyond all words - and none will ever make up for his loss - but I wanted to mention him as I type this. So raise your glass to one spectacular gentlemen we will be counting amongst absent friends from now on.

Anyways, hope everyone is well

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