Monday, February 1, 2010

Those pieces for my new show!

So I've got a double wide post today! I've finished up all the pieces for my Luxe De Vil show for February. The theme is the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and I went all out with the blood and gore! Something I'm getting increasingly good at it would seem! So with that in mind here are the new pieces:

And here's the first piece, I've just titled: Space Gore!
Link to the full piece here!

Link to the full piece here!
And as we pull out we get to see the reason for such horrific distress! BAM! Right through the guts!

Link to the full piece here!

Finally we see the cause of the catastrophe and the doofus letting it happen. No one can really hear you scream in space... in the most ironic of ways. I had the worst time thinking of fresh stuff to do for this show, and finally my inspiration hit me as I was (suprise) playing some video games. More specifically Dead Space. That game is freakin' awesome! Go get it. Anyways, so there are the new pieces!

I hope you enjoy!

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